Do you have a window that is broken, double-glazed windows that have permanent fog, or other irritating problems? Damaged window glass doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. Window glass repair services can help you replace a glass pane, remove scratches from your window glass, and more.

Although window glass can serve its purpose for years without needing repairs, unexpected things happen occasionally that call for a window glass repair in Perth. Let’s take a look how to repair broken glass, condensation, and scratches between double-glazed window panels.

Removing Window Glass

Repairing a shattered or cracked window pane is a fairly simple in nature, especially if the pane is small. For larger windows or double-glazed windows as well as other types of high-performance glass, it’s usually smart to contact a professional window glass repair service.

In many cases, any specialised panes will need to be ordered and shipped to your home. You’ll want to have received your replacement pane before removing the old one.

The first thing step to replacing a broken window is to remove any shards of glass. Professionals will typically use duct tape on the pane that has been cracked to prevent more shards from falling as they work. It’s important to wear heavy gloves and safety goggles during this procedure.

It might be necessary to work on the window from the outside. If the window happens to be located on an upper story, you might be safer and better off by calling a professional.

Replacing Window Pane

When you replace a window pane, you’ll want to purchase the same kind of glass that was installed originally so it will match the other panes in your room or your house. This might not be possible if you live in an older home. If you can, take a shard of glass to your local glass repair shop and ask the dealer if you can match the coating and other features.

When working with glass, it’s important to be extremely careful, no matter if the pane is small or made up of larger pieces. Before you attempt to clean up and remove any broken glass, tape a newspaper on the inside to catch any broken fragments. You’ll also want to pad your glass with newspaper before taking it to a store. Dispose of any glass fragments in a regular trash bin. Window glass usually can’t be recycled.

Although window glass repair and replacements can be fairly easy, you’ll want to think twice before attempting to handle this yourself. Broken glass can be dangerous to children and pets and can also cause you harm if not handled and cleaned up appropriately. In order to have your window installed safely and securely, contact your local glass repair service.