It is not uncommon for people to sleep poorly. In fact, studies show that most adults in today’s society are actually sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is dangerous to individuals health because they can suffer from lapses in concentration, experience micro-sleeps while driving, have difficulty remembering things, and have impaired reflexes.

Your bed is often to blame for your lack of sleep. Old and worn mattresses are commonly not right for your sleep preferences or your body type, resulting in uncomfortable nights and exhaustion. However, your mattress is not solely to blame.

In fact, plenty of people have old bed frames that are simply not sturdy enough and move around at night. A squeaky bed frame that is not altogether sturdy can make a bad night of sleep even worse!

Why a Metal Bed May Be the Answer

Many people spend decent money on a mattress and forget to take into account the importance of the bed frame’s quality in order to achieve a comfortable sleep. As a result, spending all your money on a great mattress without considering the importance of an equally good bed frame is going to lead to disappointment.

As with mattresses, you will get a better bed frame if you spend more money. Why settle for a rickety wooden frame that may not last as long as your great new mattress? Instead, you should invest your money into one of many bespoke metal beds for the following reasons:

  • Strong: A bespoke iron bed, for example, will last for years! It will outlast your mattress, and possibly even you! It will also be sturdy, steady, and noiseless every night. The best iron bed frames are over engineered, so you are guaranteed a piece of highly functional furniture that will one day become an antique and still be going strong!
  • Cost effective: Though a metal bed frame may seem extravagant and even a little costly, how often do you sleep in your bed? Since you use your bed every night, you should spend more money on a piece of furniture that lasts for years and will serve you well throughout your lifetime. You will make a onetime investment, which is far cheaper than buying a cheaply made bed frame every decade or so.
  • Aesthetics: For most of you, your bedroom is your private area, and therefore the space should be serene and classy. If you had a metal bed frame as the centre piece of your bedroom, a bespoke bed will not only last for many years, but it will look great.

Solving Your Sleeping Problems and Dressing Your Room

If you are suffering from poor sleep, your mattress may not be solely to blame. Cheap and poorly made bed frames can shift, become unsteady, and make noises at night. As a result, you are unable to a good night of sleep, which can certainly lead to more problems. A metal bed frame will not only help fix your sleeping problems, but it will also last for many years and look great!