Wherever you happen to live, and whatever the type of accommodation, the chances are you will need the services of a good plumber at some time or another. Bearing this in mind, the organised homeowner would not wait until the need for a plumber arises, rather he or she would spend a little time searching for a reliable local tradesman, and by forging an alliance with this person, all their plumbing needs are taken care of.

Tried and Trusted

Many homeowners have had bad experiences with service companies, and in order to avoid an experience such as this, try to find a neighbour or friend who would recommend someone local. A word of mouth recommendation counts for so much these days, and you are far more likely to receive quality service by following up on a recommendation. If you happen to need plumbing in Chelmsford, there are experienced contractors that are on call 24/7, and with an excellent reputation locally, you can be sure of a professional job.

Peace of Mind

For most of us, allowing a complete stranger into our home is rather unsettling, and by forging an ongoing relationship with a single contractor, there is an air of familiarity, and this gives you peace of mind. Trust is something that has to be earned, which is why it is best to use a recommended plumber who has a connection with someone you know.


If you know the plumber, it is unlikely they would try to overcharge you, and if the contractor is local, he will want to ensure that his good reputation remains intact. The emergency call out rate would not be overly expensive, and by itemising everything on the bill, the customer knows exactly where they stand.

An Honest Appraisal

Whenever you call out the plumber, it is nice to know you will get an honest evaluation of the situation, and with a reputable contractor, you are not likely to be overcharged. Sometimes the best solution is not the most expensive, and an ethical plumber would always have the client’s best interests at heart. Whether the job is big or small, a good plumber would take the time to discuss the various options with the customer, and then you can make an informed decision about the best way to go about the repairs.

Emergency Situations

If the worst happens and you need a plumber quickly, having a relationship with the contractor makes things so much easier. Not only does the plumber know the location of your home, he is also familiar with your plumbing system, and once he knows what is wrong, he can bring the right materials. Another thing is, because you know the plumber, you won’t feel bad about getting him out of bed in the middle of the night.

Sourcing a reliable and ethical plumber will certainly pay dividends in the long run, and if you have a neighbour who can recommend someone, even better. Either way, sourcing a good tradesman in advance will certainly pay dividends at a later date.