For most homeowners, creating a safe environment is imperative for themselves and their family. As the summer months approach, you’ll see an increase in the number of insects trying to gain access to your home. To avoid facing various unwanted intruders, you must take steps to secure your premises. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to install flyscreens around your doors and windows.

  • Avoid Insect Bites & Stings

The main reason why people install flyscreens is to prevent themselves from getting stung by insects, some insects carry nasty bites and can cause individuals to become sick, some bites can’t be healed with simple over the counter medical treatment and require hospitalisation. Installing flyscreens can save you money on costly medical expenses if you happen to be stung unexpectedly by a poisonous insect. The last thing any homeowner wants is their family being bitten or stung by a dangerous pest, so it is imperative that you set up protective measures to shield your family. If a member of your family is allergic to certain insect bites, it makes sense to install flyscreens to prevent dire consequences.

  • Increased Ventilation

Another bonus with flyscreen installation is improved household ventilation, if your home is too hot during the day you have a few options to keep it cool, one of them being to open the windows. This is the easiest option, but it brings your guard down, when you open the windows you allow all sorts of intruders to freely enter your property, and with this you invite insect bites and stings. Flyscreen products offer the perfect solution, they allow a cool breeze to whisk through your home while blocking any insects from gaining entry. They help you cool down your premises without having to worry about pests like mosquitoes flying in.

If you haven’t installed flyscreens, then you might turn to cooling systems such as fans or air conditioning units to regulate the temperature in your home. The problem with these options are they cost money, and increase your energy bills. Why not consider installing a flyscreen, although they include initial costs, these costs are minimal, and they provide you with a much better option when trying to cool down indoors.

  • Added Security

Flyscreens not only protect your premises from insect intruders, some products are designed to tackle thieves who try to gain access to your home via windows and doors. There are variations which are made from durable material which is extremely difficult to break or tamper with. This makes them great for protecting your home from both insect and human trespassers. Criminals will have to contend with a security flyscreen along with whatever windows you have installed on your property. The mesh content of the flyscreen is difficult to damage which makes it challenging to open.

Flyscreens are essential for any home, particularly if you are based in cities like Melbourne. They provide numerous benefits not only from insects, but from other unwanted intruders. They come in a range of different materials, so you’ll have no problems finding a product to suit your needs.