Buying a home in NYC is a serious task to take on. It will affect your budget and the way you live your life. And even more importantly – it will set your future on a whole different path. So, explore your options, think twice before you make any final calls and make sure you choose the right option. But, if this process scares you, and you don’t know where to start – well, you are in the right place! We are here to help. So, keep on reading and learn what to pay attention to when buying a home in NYC.

There are many things you should pay attention to when buying a home in NYC

There really are. But, these are our top picks:

1)      The NYC market is though

It really is. And it is famous for being that way. But, this shouldn’t stop you. Not by far. Many people succeeded, and so will you. All you need is to come prepared. Research the market. Give it some time and thought. Make sure you consider every angle there is. And don’t make any rush decisions.

Make a plan that can lead you to buying a home in NYC

Having a strategy in place can help you in more than one way. Firstly – you will have a much clearer picture of this whole process. It will allow you to make better calls. Secondly, it will help you plan your time and prepare for any scenario that comes your way. And lastly – having a solid plan will help you relax. How? Well, once you make a plan and start completing your tasks one by one you will get that feeling. The feeling of becoming a proud owner of an NYC property.

Figure 2 Explore the market and options that are in front of you. alt. Houses.

Prepare your finances in advance

This step matters a lot. And you already know it. So, consider your options. Calculate your budget. Compare your income to your expenses. Think about saving some money in advance and along the way. Find a way to make buying a home in NYC possible. Consider lending some money. Set up a meeting with your landing officer and talk to him. Get to know your options. And after you do – take some time off. Provide yourself with enough time and space to come to the best possible outcome.

2)      Warning signs

Make sure you inspect the house before you sign any legally obligatory paperwork.

  • Is there any dump? – You wouldn’t want any in your living space.
  • Are there any cracks? – The basic structure matters a lot.
  • Is there enough space? – There is no easy or cheap fix to this problem.
  • How old is the roof? – It is expensive to replace.
  • Plumbing. – it can cause a lot of trouble if not working properly.
  • Location. – make sure you pick the right area when buying a home in NYC.

Is there any dump?

You will want your new house to be in good condition. And it can’t be if there is any dump. So, inspect the walls, the celling and look for that familiar smell. Exactly that smell will give damp away. Also, another warning sign that something is wrong – newly painted walls. Make sure that your seller isn’t trying to cover dump up by painting the walls just before you arrive to inspect the property.

Are there any cracks?

Your house needs to be structurally sound. So, look for cracks. They can be anywhere, and they come in different sizes and shapes. Pay attention to small details and save yourself the trouble. You wouldn’t’ want to have to remodel right after you move in. So, take your time and inspect everything thoroughly.

Is there enough space?

This one really matters. Buying a home in NYC isn’t a thing you can do every day, and choosing the right property to obtain is of crucial importance. Especially if you plan on transporting your piano or other bulky objects to your living room. How many rooms are there? Will you have enough space after you move in? Will all your stuff fit into space? Are you planning on expanding your family? Take all these questions into consideration before you actually buy a house.

How old is the roof?

And does it need some attention? Replacing it can cost more than you might think, so make sure you take a second look before you make any sudden moves. Check out the material and its condition. Is it old? Will it serve its purpose?

Figure 3 Make sure you check out the roof and its overall condition. Alt. The roof.


Check the radiators and plumbs. They might be old and rusty – and you wouldn’t want it in your house. Run the taps and check the water pressure. Is boiler functioning as it should? Also, keep in mind that if pipes are lead – they need to be replaced according to NYC laws and regulations.

Figure 4 Is everything ok in this department? alt. Tap.

Check out the area

Location matters a lot. Once you buy a house in NYC, you are going to live in it and for a while. That means you will have to pick carefully. There are many options to choose from, so consider them all before making any final calls. How will you commute? Is your kids school in the neighborhood? Are there any parks in the area? How about drug stores and hospitals? Compare different houses, consider your options and consult your real estate agent. It will all help you make the right call when buying a home in NYC.

And once you sign all the paperwork, and finish buying a home in NYC, our friends at Big Apple Movers NYC can help you relocate quickly and at an affordable rate. So, wait no more and start looking for a property that will satisfy all your needs right away!