Managing the family home demands a degree of planning, and with so many essential services you might need to call on, it makes sense to either have a list pinned to the kitchen wall or store the numbers in your smartphone. Of all the things that could go wrong, perhaps the most unpleasant is a blocked drain, and aside from the earthy smell, there’s a good chance of serious damage, as waste cannot run away. Dealing with such an emergency requires prompt action, and after you have informed all family members not to turn on any taps or flush the toilet, it is time to make that call to an emergency drain cleaning contractor.

Online Solutions

The Internet is very useful in many ways, and if you have blocked drains in Medway or Sittingbourne, there is a regional specialist who is on call around the clock, and with no call out charge or hidden extras, you can be sure of an affordable solution. This type of company would employ the very latest technology, which allows for easy blockage identification in a non-invasive way, reducing the amount of damage caused when fault finding.

Drainage System Survey

While the technician is sorting out the blockage, it is a good idea to have him do a complete inspection, and with CCTV technology, the inner walls of the drains can be closely inspected. If the technician thinks the pipes are nearing the end of their life, he might recommend relining, which is a revolutionary way to extend the lifespan of older drainage pipes. First, the inner walls would be pressure cleaned and after this has settled, the technician would insert a flexible uPVC sleeve, and when that is in position, an inflatable bag pushes the liner onto the existing pipe walls, giving a new surface. With the blockage fixed, the technician would give you a detailed report of your drainage system’s health, and might make recommendations for further work to reduce the likelihood of more blockages.

Think Long Term

If your home is a good few years old, the drainage system would be in decline, and the only indication of that would be the occasional blockage, so next time you have to call out an emergency drain cleaning company, ask them to also inspect the entire system and report on the condition. By using CCTV technology, the technician is able to get a close up view of the inner pipe walls, and this is an excellent way of identifying decaying pipes, allowing you to make the necessary repairs. Relining with uPVC is perhaps the most cost-effective way to upgrade your drains, and is certainly a lot cheaper than replacing.

When selecting an emergency drain cleaning company, make sure they are established and have a transparent pricing policy, and using an online search is the quickest way to make contact, regardless of time of day. The contractor would have several mobile units that are fully equipped to handle any blockage, and with their expert advice, you can be sure of making the right decision.