The kitchen is one room that experiences more abuse than most other rooms in your home. When you cook food in your kitchen, the temperature inside tends to increase by an incredible amount. When you wash dishes, the heat and the humidity both increase. There are also spills in the kitchen, lots of foot traffic, and more. All of this means that you need kitchen paint that will stand up to the biggest messes. The paint needs to be the type of paint that has been optimised for use in kitchens. This means that it doesn’t peel or flake very easily. Also, it can stand up to a mild acid such as vinegar or tomato sauce. You also need to consider the aesthetics.

Consider the Colour

Consult with reliable painting and decorating services in Brentford to decide on the right colour of paint. The colour should be something that matches your other decor. The most common colours are:

  • Off-white, which is bright but hides stains somewhat
  • Light grey, which has many of the qualities of off-white
  • Light blue, which has a summery quality
  • Light pink, which is also somewhat summary

As you can see from that short list of colours, most of them are light colours. Light colours are popular in kitchens because kitchens are often places with a lot of windows and natural light; a light paint can enhance that.

Dark Colours

You shouldn’t be afraid of trying darker colours in your kitchen just because it’s not common. A dark colour can really make your appliances stand out. Also, dark colours hide stains much better.