When you are renovating the house or clearing the garden, there are a lot of different types of waste that need to be cleared away safely and quickly. What are the different things that can be cleared away from a site and what kind of truck will you need in order to complete the job?

What Kind Of Truck Will You Need To Complete The Job?

You need to put some careful thought into the type of truck that you are going to be using for site clearance. The most effective truck that you can use for this particular job is a truck with a grabbing arm and a bucket. The grabbing arm moves incredibly quickly so that you will be able to clear up large amounts of waste in a very short space of time. This makes the entire job much more efficient.

What Are The Different Materials Which Can Be Moved By This Kind Of Truck?

Lots of different materials can be moved by using grab truck hire in Harlow. Some of the materials that need to be cleared can be quite challenging.

Glass And Plastic

When windows are knocked out of buildings, the glass from the window panes and the plastic from the frames need to be cleared away as soon as possible. The truck with the grabbing arm will be able to pick up all of the glass and plastic and then discard it safely without a single problem. Then other materials can be cleared away from the site.


When a site is being cleared to make way for your new extension, there might be a lot of grass and vegetation on the ground. This can be extremely troublesome, but you will be able to clear the weeds, grass and plants with the grabbing arm of the truck. Once the vegetation and plants have been completely cleared, you can make sure that the building project will begin on time.


Concrete can be difficult to move unless you have a quality truck at your disposal. You should choose a grabbing truck which has a large bucket on the end of the arm. This will allow you to collect as much concrete in one go as possible. The concrete can then be safely disposed of without any problems whatsoever.


Rubble refers to bricks, breeze blocks and other items. When a building is knocked down, this rubble needs to be cleared away as soon as possible. The grabbing truck will be able to lift the heavy rubble without dropping it, and then this debris can be transported safely away.

Hazardous Materials

Sometimes you will need to clear away hazardous materials or chemicals that you will not want to touch with your hands. In order to stay safe, you can use the grabbing arm of the truck to dispose of these materials.

You should choose a grabbing truck to help you with renovations.