There are different types of fan accessories that you can buy for adding a layer of functionality or aesthetic beauty to the ceiling fan used in your home or office. Mostly, people buy them for the purpose of décor.  They include light kits, remote controls, and wall controls, etc. The light kits are of different kinds, like branched and stemmed. Mostly they come up in the market with three or four arms. They either point towards the ceiling or in the downward direction towards the floor.

  • Remote controlled or wall controlled accessories: The remote and wall controls are also very well-known ceiling fan accessories. There is a pull chain which is attached to the fan housing in the motor of a usual ceiling fan. They come up with a motor reversing switch. The manufacturers also offer their customers, wall controls, and remote controls either as an additional accessory or while selling the actual product. When you choose a wall control to be used with your ceiling fan, you must make sure that you select the one which operates all the functions separately even when the fan is run at different speeds.
  • Light kits and Fixtures: Some of the light kits can be attached to the housing of the ceiling fan directly, while others are attached below the housing. The designs of the shades and bowls have a wide range starting from plain designs to the fancier ones. Nowadays the up light designs are also gaining popularity. You can purchase the light kits for ceiling fans in different ways. Some of them are sold separately, some are integrated with the ceiling fans, and some are included with your ceiling fan when you purchase it.
  • Attractive blade designs and textures: Nowadays you can swap your old boring fan blades with a more elegant or sophisticated looking blades. They are available in various shapes and textures. This means that you can select a design that is much more cohesive with your interior décor.
  • Downrods: Gone are the days of using dull downrods for fixing your Ceiling fans. Now Downrords comes in various colors and finishes. You can have a glossy metallic finish or all the way to a matte texture while selecting a downrod. Selecting a download that complements the interior of your room will greatly add a more aesthetic appeal to the room

Another thing to make sure is that you must find those controls and fixtures that are compatible to be used with your fan. You should check the maximum amperes, the number of speed levels, the total wattage and the company that is offering the control switch. Some of the brands have their specialties, and it is more reliable to buy products from that particular brand. You can check out the prices and packages offered by different companies.

The customers have décor options to choose from that makes it easy for them to get these fan accessories. There are many distribution channels in which various companies sell their ceiling fan accessories. They include hardware stores, lighting showrooms, builder showrooms, electrical distributors, national retailers, etc. In the showrooms, the customers are offered many brands.

Now people can buy fan accessories from online stores like hunter, Lighting illusions, or pepperfry. This came as a huge advantage to the general public as in the past they could only avail fan accessories from shop or other retail outlets. Now everyone can have access to the latest and most advanced fan accessories from their home itself. With the increase in online marketing, buying ceiling fans has become an easy, quick and smooth process. Check it out now, if you are planning to buy a ceiling fan for your room.