There comes a time every few years to update some of the soft furnishings at home to give the house a whole new fresh look and feel. It’s almost like coming home to a new house without all the expenses.

Is it a Case of Curtains, Blinds or Both?

Thought needs to be given as to whether windows should have curtains or blinds. People usually have a preference for one or the other, but it is a good idea to keep an open mind. Blinds, in general, are used in the bathroom and laundry. Thin venetians, usually metallic, are great in these environments.

Larger wooden venetians can be used in suitable rooms where the dark heaviness of the wood sits well with the furnishings and decor. Fabric blinds can be used on lounge and kitchen windows, with drapes at the sides for show.

When using curtains, netting is also recommended. It doesn’t matter where a home is located. For example, in Essex curtains can be closed at night to stop people looking into the room, but during the day the curtains need to be open for light to come in. This is when netting should be included. It allows the light to come in, but people still can’t see in so privacy is taken care of. Anybody with a house should keep this in mind when selecting curtains for their windows, regardless of where they live.

Soft Furnishings

Experienced curtain and blind companies will also be able to offer soft furnishings to complement the fabric of the curtains. In the bedroom, this could be a matching bedspread, or throw rug at the end of the bed. In the lounge or living area, it could include cushion covers, table runners, and even dining chairs. Any areas where fabrics are used will be able to be colour coordinated.

Always consider a curtain and blind expert to help when it comes time to updating the home interior. The outcome will be spectacular.