Water treatment is an essential part of life.  The water that you consume and the rain is all processed through complex water treatment systems to ensure it is safe for you to drink in the future.  If these water treatment stations were not in existence then there would be many more deaths an over health issues from the consumption of untreated and potentially infected water.

Why Water Treatment

Two thirds of the human body is water; it is essential to refresh and keep this water level topped up Water is hard or soft; the right water treatment systems can protect you and your children by providing clean, fresh water.  Companies such as Viva Home Comfort will provide the best possible water treatment systems.

A tell tale sign that you have an issue with your water is the white build up round the kettle or other appliances.  This is calcium or limestone and shows that you are dealing with hard water.  It doesn’t matter if your water is hard or soft; you will need the right water treatment systems to ensure your water is the best quality possible.

The Water Treatment Process

For water to be fully treated it needs to go through several specific phases.  Each part focuses on a separate issue; whether this is the removal of dirt, bacteria or chemicals.  The entire process needs to be completed to ensure the water you drink is safe.

Hard Water Softener

Hard water is water which has a high natural mineral content.  Although it is important to consume a certain amount of minerals it can also cause dry skin and hair.  To get round this a softener product is used to remove these minerals; making the water taste better and preventing dry skin.

The simple softener will remove the chemicals from your water.  It is a filter which is fitted into the line and will need to be checked from time to time.  A good quality filter will remove chlorine, lead and a variety of other toxins.

Soft Water

In general soft water is not seen as an issue although some water treatment systems will add fluoride or chlorine to the water.  This can benefit your health and help to keep the water clear of any potentially harmful bacteria.  Of course, the level of chlorine in the water must be carefully controlled as too much can affect the taste of the water and even be detrimental to your health.  This is why it is essential to only purchase approved filters.


The best water treatment systems will also remove a huge range of chemicals which are commonly found within treated water.  Many of these can be harmful to your health which is why the water treatment systems are designed to eliminate them.

Once you know that the water supplied to your building goes through water treatment systems you will be able to drink it in confidence; and feel better for it.  Water is essential to your health and the water treatment systems are essential to ensure the quality of the water.