Millions of accidents occur in homes across the country every year. Some are minor and require minimal medical attention. Others are fatal. Many of the accidents that do occur in the home are preventable if the right steps are taken beforehand. Five accidents are more common in homes than all others.

Falls are the most common types of accidents in a home. Falls could occur when a person is working on a ladder or on an elevated area like a stairwell or balcony. Some falls also occur because of poor flooring, cluttered conditions or lighting issues. Nearly 6,000 people die from falls in the home annually. The best way to prevent falls is to take all possible safety precautions when working in high places or on a ladder. Repairing the floors and adding non-slip mats will help as well.

Accidents that cause burns are a top cause of deaths and injuries in homes across the country. Burns could occur because of contact with a flame or heating element on a stove. They could also be the result of electrocution due to faulty wiring in the house. Burns also occur when a fire starts in the home and traps the residents. Taking extra precautions when cooking or making repairs will help prevent burns. Installing a home monitoring and security system like those sold in the LifeShield store in Cincinnati will detect fires early and allow the family to escape without burns.

Drowning is one of the top accidents that can happen in the home. Many individuals are unaware that a person can drown in only two to three inches of water. Drowning also disproportionately affects children. Drowning could occur in a bathtub if a person falls asleep or if a child is left unattended. It more frequently occurs in a backyard pool. One way to prevent drowning is to never leave a child alone around water. Another way is to install a home monitoring system from one of the best security services in Cincinnati. The system will sound an alarm and alert adults if a child manages to open a door or gate and get near a backyard pool unattended.

Thousands of choking incidents occur in the home every year. Nearly one out of every three choking incidents is due to food. Many others are because children or even adults swallow toys or household items. Some choking in children is due to suffocation because of overly dense bedding. Childproofing a home is one way to make certain that children do not have access to small items that could be swallowed.

The last of the top five accidents that occur in the home is poisoning. Poisoning might happen because a child gets into a medicine cabinet or drinks a cleaning supply. It happens accidentally in adults because of expired medications, mislabeled medications and even food contamination. Preventing poisoning means keeping dangerous chemicals and medications locked in a safe place. Poisoning can also be prevented by following safe cooking practices.