We use fences (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fence ) to provide security, protection, to set limits or block a view and for decoration. Whatever your reason is for having a fence, it will always be that structure standing there to fulfill your satisfaction. Anyway, why would you like to use wood as your material? Is it coming from a family or friend’s idea? Or were you just amazed with the material because of its elegant designs? Anyway, whatever it is, you may keep it to yourself for now.

Let me tell you that wood is a very precious naturally crafted material. Only a worker with such good hands can turn it into beautifully polished designs. Without the required skill and heart for it, then it would be difficult for you to come up with perfectly crafted fences. There can be machines and other facilities that a company may use to cut those woods. But, still, the work of a bare hand is more admirable.

A carpenter may be work on the simplest design of a wood fence, where you just need to nail the pieces of wood in a horizontal or vertical position. But, considering today’s architectural designs and house plans, that simple wooden fence will not really suit. That is why, we have Wood Fencing companies, who can offer you their services. And if you are interested in this type of fence, then feel free to find the nearest company in town.

Types of Wood used in Fences

Different types of wood are used in the construction of fences. You may want to consider Cedar, which naturally resists various problems, such as moist, rotting and infestation of insects. It would be good to use it as your post. We also have Oak, which is a really tough wood. When this type of wood is exposed to natural elements, its fibers stay more intact. This is a cheaper type of wood and there is a tendency for this type of wood to bow. So, think about it. Just like Oaks, Black Locust is also an option to keep your horses. It is also a tough one and a good material used for posts.

A Tropical Hardwood is also used because of its density, hardness and heavy weight. But, it is more expensive than the other types of wood. If this is your choice, then you better get yourself ready with your estimated cost.

Lastly, we have Pressure treated Pine woods, which is known for its durability. This wood is also good in resisting chemical moisture, rotting and insect infestation. As an outdoor material, it is indeed a good choice, but this is really a very expensive type of wood.

Location of the Wood Fence

So, where would you like your fence to go? If you have a backyard, then it is good to have a fence for your privacy. How about in your front yard? If you have a fence here, then neighbors will surely find it appealing. And also, it helps in securing young kids and pets at home.

There are also houses with gardens. It could have been better if you have a fence there to protect your plants. And lastly, a wood fence is really a great help to those who have pastures and keeping horses.

Other Considerations

After choosing the right type of wood for your fence, you have to check how much it would cost you to get the material. Does your company compute the cost of wood per feet? Is it affordable or very expensive? Can you manage the expenses? If not, then get a different company or make the necessary cost adjustments.

You must also know how long your wood fence would last. If it will take you 20 years to keep it, then it is good. Just make sure that the wood features a rot-resistant type of material. You just need to choose the toughest material on the posts because it is the one touching the ground. Therefore, it would be the first to fail and your panels may survive.

The last thing that you must consider is the maintenance cost. You must know that it is very important for you to plumb and tamp the post every 3 years. It would be best also to refresh your coating every year.