Some concerns people in Northamptonshire have with skips is the risk of skip fires. Skip fires are definitely a nuisance and if not seen to can eventually lead to destruction of property. Below are some tips to help prevent such an incident happening when hiring a skip:

Try to Prevent a Skip Fire from happening in the First Place

  • The burning of waste in a skip is often a temptation for a number of people. Due to there being some skip hire services that charge their customers on the volume of waste inside, people can be just tempted to incinerate their waste so as to fit more into it and save on costs. This may seem like a good idea, however, it can also have these side-effects.
  • If the skip is located on or next to a tarmac road or driveway, the fire’s high temperature can melt the surface and then you will get road repair charges.
  • Skip fires can destroy the inside of a skip, and because it is rented, you will then have to pay for damages or maybe even a new one.
  • Some materials can release toxic gases when ignited, and this is not only extremely unhealthy, but detrimental to the surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Hire a same day skip hire in Northamptonshire that will be the perfect size for the job in hand. Consult with the skip hire service for any advice on the size that you will need and use a professional, and cost effective service renowned for getting the job done just right.

Don’t Put Any Flammable Materials in a Skip

  • Under no circumstances whatsoever should you place any type of highly flammable materials in a skip, as this will increase the possibility of a fire.
  • Aerosols, canisters, gas cylinders, any containers with flammable liquid inside like paint tins and even car batteries, must all be separately disposed of.
  • And, forget about flicking that lit finished ciggy into a skip, as it can ignite dry materials and ignite a fire.

Location of Skip

  • If you’re considering placing your skip in the road outside your home or business, it’s near enough impossible to control the type of waste that any mindless passers-by will throw into it.
  • Also, accidentally or intentionally, somebody might start a fire by throwing in ignited materials.
  • To stop any such matter occurring, put the skip inside of your yard or premises where passers-by cannot reach them. This will not only stop any fires from starting, but will also put a stop to outsiders filling it with waste.

Picked Up When Full

  • Make sure that the skip hire service is contacted and is then picked up when it is full.
  • If a fire does occur, use a fire extinguisher or a water hose pipe to extinguish it.

And that’s about it! Many good people enjoy a nice cosy fire, but definitely not in your skip!