There are many reasons why the drains in your business may become clogged and back up, including:

  • Someone deliberately clogging toilets
  • Grease going down sinks if you own a restaurant
  • Broken pipes
  • Hard water

Also, drains on the street can clog due to debris that gets washed into the gutters during heavy rainstorms. Fortunately, there are many ways to clear commercial drains, including those below.

Drain Jetting

One of the methods for clearing a drain is to use a high-pressure water jet to clean out drain pipes. The water jet can get rid of both soft and solid residues in the pipes, which may include cement, silt, scale, and debris.

Direct Drain Cleaner

This electro-mechanical cleaning process can help with commercial drain cleaning and help solve issues such as clogged toilets and urinals. The process also uses sprung cutters to remove scale that can reduce the diameter inside pipes and cause slow drains.

Replace Pipes

Sometimes the drain problems are the result of damaged pipes so they need to be repaired or replaced to prevent further blockages. Sometimes patching a pipe to prevent further drain issues is sufficient but, if necessary, a company that does drain clearance services in Glasgow can replace an entire water or sewer line.

If you own a business, having clogged drains can be inconvenient and make it difficult to get work done and service customers. It can also make your bathrooms unsanitary and unavailable to your customers. Fortunately, there are many solutions to clear the drains and to repair them.