When you are remodelling your kitchen or your bathroom, you will probably be doing most of your thinking about the significant aspects of your kitchen or bathroom. You’ll have many different choices to make. You’ll need to choose materials for countertops, floors, and walls. You’ll need to select your sink fixtures, your bathtubs, and much more. There is so much to choose from that it’s easy to forget some of the more subtle touches. The subtle touches are the parts of your remodel that hold the room together, though. If you want to make it all work together, you need to consider some of the smaller things. One of these aspects is the backsplash. Sample these great ideas.


When you are using your sink or your shower, water might hit the bottom of the sink and splash up into the walls. This is especially common for sinks where you wash your dishes or wash your hands. The water can hit the walls. If you have the types of walls that absorb water, such as drywall or wood, this will slowly undermine the integrity of your wood. That will cause your walls to begin to discolour and warp.

  • Consider glass splashbacks in Manchester for your home remodel. Glass is the perfect material for splashbacks.
  • Glass can be kept completely clear so that you can see the wall behind it. This means that the glass will protect the wall but not add much to the look.
  • Some people like to have splashbacks that are simple; a complementary colour could be a good choice. For example, choosing coloured glass against grey walls could make the splashbacks stand out.
  • You can have splashbacks in different sizes and shapes as well.

Bespoke Splashbacks

You will likely need to have your splashbacks designed just for you. Bathrooms are not made in uniform shapes. You will need splashbacks that can fit your bathroom and cover all of the different parts of the sinks and other fixtures. However, they will need to go around corners in some cases or around certain kinds of features that are built into your walls. In some cases, the splashback has to go around the fixture itself, depending on how the faucet is designed. In those cases, you will need to have them designed just for you.

Finding bespoke splashbacks is vital so that you can ensure they fit correctly and will protect your walls. You should also look for ones that will come with many different types of colour and tone options. You should be able to choose splashbacks that complement your walls or ones that stand out. The choice of how you want your splashbacks to appear is up to you. Some people prefer splashbacks that are inconspicuous; others like for them to stand out.

A splashback can end up saving you a considerable amount of money as well; since the splashback will protect your walls, it can reduce how much money you have to spend having your walls repaired or repaired.