Your plumbing system is made up of three components. There is the water main, the internal plumbing, and the sewer main. The water main is a pipe that comes from the curb to your house. The internal plumbing is all of the different pipes that run throughout your house. Those two components then reconvene as they exit your house at the sewer main. Many different plumbing systems operate differently. They might have multiple water lines from the street, multiple sewer lines, or perhaps an entirely different system. However, they all operate on the same basic principles. So if a plumbing problem arises, it will be with one of these three components.

The Water Main

Unless there is some kind of disruption of service, the water main is probably not the source of your problems. The only time a water main might be the source of your problems is when a deep freeze occurs. If you have a hard freeze overnight, your water main could be in trouble. Before that happens, you should let the water drip overnight to keep it from freezing. If you forgot to do so and the main freezes, it could burst. You should call Buckinghamshire plumbers to avoid such an outcome.

The Internal Plumbing

This component is where most plumbing problems occur. The internal plumbing can become damaged in many different ways. It’s often exposed to the elements, so it’s in danger of freezing during winter months. Furthermore, your internal plumbing has to provide water to many different fixtures. If there is some kind of clog or leak, it might not have the proper pressure to deliver water. If you’re having a problem, call a professional to have it addressed.

The Sewer Main

The sewer main gets backed up when a clog in your internal plumbing works its way down to the main. These problems tend to manifest as clogged drains in many different parts of your house. If you have multiple clogged drains, you might have a sewer problem.