In Australia we experience all types of weather and it is windy and wet weather, that seems to affect our homes the most. Lots of rain hits our homes every year and with the rain comes the wind. We need to control the amount of water runoff that comes off the roofs of our homes and for this, we install guttering. The guttering acts as a catchment area for all the rain water but unfortunately, it is also a place where leaves and twigs can accumulate.

The guttering protects our home by shielding the doors, windows, walls and the foundations from the rain and protecting our homes from water damage. If we didn’t have guttering, then water would simply fall from the roof and accumulate at the foot of the house. This water would then find its way into our basement areas, create soil erosion all around your property and the windows and doors would get stained as well. The key to effective guttering is to keep it clean and to do regular maintenance. To do this you must keep your gutter clean in Perth and it will then provide you with the following benefits.

  1. Prevents Water Damage – Gutters are designed to take the water away from your home and not to keep it there, where it can do damage. Regular maintenance and clearing the gutters of leaves, dead animals and twigs is needed, if your guttering is to be effective. Clogged gutters flood and this water can end up getting into your home and its foundations. Once it gets into your home it will affect the walls, your floors and your ceiling and then you are looking at a lot of money to fix these issues.
  2. Protects The Roof – Guttering will definitely increase the life of your roof. You expect your roof to last a considerable time, but if you don’t maintain your guttering then the gutters will trap ice inside, which adds to the weight and additional stress on your roof. If the water isn’t able to disperse effectively, then it is kept on the roof and that too will freeze and affect your tiles. Once they start to move, then water can make its way into the roof space.
  3. Protects Your Investment – As well as doing the job of taking away excess water, your guttering also adds appeal to your home. It looks good and if kept well maintained, it will protect the fascia around the roof. Clean fascia is a definite selling point when you are hoping to put your house on the market and it will certainly increase the value.
  4. Protects Your Guttering – It may seem obvious, but if you clean your guttering regularly, then this will also increase the life span of the actual gutter itself. A clogged up gutter will cause rust and corrosion all around your home and you may have to replace your guttering earlier than you thought.

It is important to keep up a regular cleaning of your guttering system. If you don’t want to do it yourself, call the experts and they will do it for you.