Chopping wood for the fireplace may be fun to certain people, but unless you find it particularly exhilarating to stand in the frigid air for hours chopping log after log, it may not be the best option for you. Fireplaces are a necessity during the winter, especially in regions of the U.K. that see exceptionally low temperatures, but the traditional forms have become obsolete. Today, new advances in technology have made it possible to warm your home without the need of a single piece of wood. The benefits of a gas fire quickly add up, from the reduced price to the elimination of clean-up, millions of homes have already begun making the switch.

Property Value

Any real estate agent will gladly tell you that a gas fireplace is more likely to attract buyers than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. First and foremost, these fireplaces look amazing and add a modern flair to any household in which they are installed. In addition, the elimination of soot and the ability to mount them in a wall where young, curious fingers cannot reach them has made them an extremely valuable selling point for modern homes. Whether you intend to sell your home in the future or not, it is important to know that adding a flueless gas fireplace to your home will add thousands to your potential property value.


While the initial installation can be a bit pricey, the money you save over the course of the first year returns that investment. After that, you are earning money through no longer buying wood, reduced home maintenance needs, and lessened energy consumption. Once installed, warming your home is as simple as turning a dial or pressing a button, and this allows you to enjoy convenience on top of comfort and luxury.

No More Soot

Soot and smoke are two things you cannot avoid when you have a wood-burning fireplace to maintain. Just to keep your fireplace functional, you must clean out the soot after every other fire. This material is infamous for sticking to clothing, skin and hair. In addition, soot travels, meaning that once it has settled onto your clothing and skin, you can take it into every room of the house. In addition, a fireplace that has not been cleaned properly poses a fire hazard, and it only takes one spark to set something ablaze. Rather than risking your back during the clean-up or your home by forgetting to clean, you can choose gas fires in East Yorkshire and never have to worry about it.

No Stoking

A wood fire requires a constant diet of fresh wood in order to retain its size and warmth, meaning you must watch it carefully, so that it can continue to burn. This means you cannot have it on while you are not at home or during the night unless someone stays up just to stoke it. However, a gas fire poses no threat of going out or spreading, and you can enjoy its warmth as long as you please. This makes the option of choosing gas over fire one of the best decisions you will ever make for your home.