There are more than a few benefits associated with the use of foil insulation for your roof, floor, and walls and these remain true whether you install the material in your residential home or commercial business. That said, some homeowners wonder whether the benefits are truly great enough to make the conversion worth it; the simple fact of the matter is that this material will benefit you far more than any other option on the market. You need only consider some of the option’s many attributes and advantages to understand why this is a product quickly becoming the most sought-after choice for both residential and commercial property owners.


Foil-backed insulation will provide an added layer of strength to the internal integrity of your property and this will help to strengthen the walls of the home or business. This installation is relatively fast, simple, and available from providers to anyone looking to use it, meaning that you may choose to perform your own DIY options after obtaining this incredibly beneficial material. Not only will you remain more comfortable inside your own home during the harder months of the year but you will find that your walls, roof, and floors stand up to significantly more abuse with no maintenance whatsoever once the material is placed on your home and out of sight.

Thermal Barrier

Dissimilar to other insulation options, foil-backed options will not absorb heat but rather reflect it so that your home is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This benefit will dramatically improve the comfort within your home and allow you to keep your HVAC system turned off for more days of the year, effectively dropping your energy use nearly immediately following installation. In the attic of a home, this insulation option will also help to ward off any radiant heat produced by the sun and sent down to heat up your attic over time.

Simple Installation

It is exceptionally fast and simple for this type of insulation to be installed in your home and even a DIY option will likely take you no longer than the weekend to complete. You need only purchase and receive your foil insulation from a reliable provider to get started. This is also a highly cost-effective option for your property. You may easily trim the insulation to size with the use of a pair of scissors and attach it to the walls, ceiling, and floor with little more than a simple staple gun or similar tool such as finishing nails.

No matter if you simply want to save money with this conversion or want to keep employees comfortable, this is your best option. Your property will look no different at first glance but help you to save hundreds of pounds in the course of a single year.