When a house is being built from scratch, the designs will have to be drawn up by a fully qualified technician. They will work closely with the builders to make sure that the building is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

What are the different aspects of a house that will be designed by the architect?

1) The Load Bearing Walls Inside The Building – the house needs to be able to remain standing for decades. This means that the architect has to factor some load bearing walls into their blueprints. Once the blueprints have been finished, then the house is going to be constructed and the load bearing walls are going to be installed.

2) The Roof On Top Of The Building – The roof design needs to be carefully considered. The roof will need to be supported by the joists that sit under the roof. The roof must be designed properly by an architect in Geelong so that the roof will able to deal with rainwater and it must not be allowed to collect there.

The architect will make sure that the roof is designed correctly. A four-sided roof, also known as a hipped roof, is the best roof for dealing with rainfall.

The architect will take in weather conditions of the surrounding area when they are designing the roof.

3) The Positioning Of The Windows – The windows of a house need to let in a large amount of sunlight whilst maintaining the privacy of the people who are living there. The architect will spend a suitable amount of time making sure that the windows are suitably positioned on their blueprints.

4) The Foundations – The foundations need to be secure to make sure that the house is going to remain standing for decades. These foundations will be designed by the architect in their initial blueprint. The weight of the house on top will need to be calculated by the architect.

5) The Exterior Walls – The exterior walls will be designed in the correct proportions by the architect. The architect will make sure that they are the appropriate thickness to accommodate window frames and to block out the noise coming from outside the building.

What Happens Once The Architect Finishes The Blueprints?

  • The blueprints will be approved and then they are going to be passed to a team of builders. The builders will make sure that they complete the house to the exact specifications of the blueprint.

The architect will then supervise all the aspects of the building process. They will make sure that their instructions are being followed.

  • They must also be prepared to change their blueprint in order to deal with issues such as budget restraints.

Article Conclusion

An architect is responsible for designing every aspect of the house from the foundations to the roof. Their work does not stop there, however.

An architect will then supervise the building team to make sure that the blueprints are followed properly. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the blueprints may have to be modified.