Ever wanted to get that perfect lawn straight from the movies right in front of your home sweet home?

You can actually make the grass look greener on your side too. A lot of people complain that they don’t have the perfect grass. Well, the reason behind it is simple. Many end up using an improper mowing technique which is why they don’t have the picture perfect grass they envision when flicking through gardening magazines.

If you need to brush up on your mowing techniques, just follow the tips given below and make your lawn the talk of the town!

Proper technique

There’s more to lawn mowing than just walking around with the mower. The grass will grow the way you cut it. If you mow it correctly, you will end up with a lawn that looks well groomed, is drought tolerant, weed free and striking enough to catch everyone’s eye. If you mow it incorrectly, you will have to struggle to keep it alive. One of the most common mistakes everybody makes is infrequent mowing and cutting the grass way too short.

Don’t scalp your lawn

You must be wondering what scalping your lawn is. The term means letting the grass grow up to a certain extent and then removing the portion that exceeds ½ the leaf blade. Scalping can cause some serious damage to your lawn. A scalped lawn falls prey to weed infestation and various diseases. If your turf gets scalped, it will become sparse and weak causing soil to dry out. One of the main reasons why weed infestation breaks out is due to exposed soil that allows it to take root.

Sharpen mower blades

Before you mow your lawn, ensure your mower blades are sharp enough to give the grass a perfect cut. If the blades are dull, they will tear the grass giving it an uneven and jagged edge. Grass that’s torn up is the perfect nest for pests as it creates an opening for them to reside in the grass blades. If grass is cut by dull blades, the tip gets discoloured as the frayed grass loses moisture very easily. During the mowing season, maintain your blade’s sharpness.

If you own a reel type lawn mower, you might have to sharpen your blades only once a year, but make sure that these are perfectly adjusted so that you get a clean cut. You can also purchase an extra mower blade and keep it handy in case the old one fails to do job. Just make sure you store it in a tote box by wrapping up in bubble wrap, so nobody gets hurt.

Adjust mower weight

Before you mow your lawn, choose an appropriate mowing height for your lawn. Carry out a test run in a small patch of land and then adjust the mower as per requirements. Make sure that you are mowing your lawn at the recommended cutting height. For example, in drought conditions shift the cutting deck and allow grass to grow longer. It will help the grass withstand dry spells better as taller grass develops deeper roots. During cooler months, raise the cutting height as it will help in photosynthesis and reduce weed growth.

Don’t cut wilted or wet grass

During the hottest time of the day, cutting wilted grass may cause serious damage to your lawn, so always mow it in a cooler time of the day. Mowing wet grass will not do any harm, but you won’t get the results you were expecting. The cut wet grass gets clogged in mower deck might end up causing corrosion if you don’t clean it quickly. As you keep mowing wet grass, it will make clumps in the mower deck and you will end up with uneven cuts as wheel runs over the off cuts.

Keep changing mowing pattern

Always try to mow your lawn in different directions. When you mow the grass in the same direction every time, you may end up turning your soil into ruts and clumps. Overtime these ruts will make your grass less healthy and weed will start to grow in that soil.

You can have the perfect lawn in front of your house, provided you put in the efforts and the hard work required to achieve it.

We hope the above given tips help you get the lawn you desired all along.