A glass storefront allows customers to see everything that is going on in your business. It’s a great way to attract foot traffic and convert passersby into customers. Also, it allows you to let in as much natural light as you can to reduce your energy bills. However, there is a serious danger to your glass storefront: storms. Storms are dangerous because of their strong mainline winds but also because of the debris that the winds carry. The debris carried on a storm’s winds can be very dangerous to a glass storefront. Even if the winds are not broken, they can be cracked or chipped by the debris. That crack will spread until it hits the entire window. There are two ways to deal with this; you need to board the windows before the storm and replace damaged ones after.

Boarding the Windows

You need to board up your windows before a storm. You need to make sure that you call professionals to do that. Professionals will have the proper boarding materials that you need. If you don’t have time before a storm to go to a local hardware store, pick up several sheets of plywood, and nail them to your windows, you should call a professional. Specialists in Ashford glass boarding and replacement services will be able to deliver the kind of service that you need at an affordable rate.

Replacing Windows

After the storm, if you failed to board your windows or if they were still damaged somehow, you will need replacement or repair services. You can repair certain windows with the help of professionals. To arrest the development of a crack, they’ll typically drill a small hole or fill it with a sealant putty. If the crack is not repairable, you’ll need to have it replaced completely. That should also be done by a professional.