Once you have finished the whole preparing stage that generally includes measuring on how much artificial grass you required, removing the natural grass layer in your lawn, and installing the appropriate drainage if necessary to your outer part of the home, then this means you are now ready to install the cheap Artificial GrassĀ in your lawn. This content is just to tell people about some steps of installing the artificial grass in your home in order to help you to get all your jobs to be done in the right time, starting from the laying base, preventing the weed growth, and connecting joints finally.

The first step to be followed in getting started to install the artificial grass is through laying the grass base followed by the sharp sand inside. If it is required to use the treated timber or timber stakes to put in the area frame where you need to install the grass, make the things initially. Generally, the experts are preferred 4×2 inches of the tantalized timber for some heavy kind of soil areas and also poorly drained areas and after 2×2 inches of the tantalized timber in case of good draining areas. After doing all these things try to screw the timbers in order to fix the stakes which should not move in any case. you may think that should the artificial grass will meet the concrete path, decking, or the wall, position the timber flushes with the height of the surface and by using some temporary fillets just pack the timber very close to the wall by leaving the space in order to enable you to tuck with the artificial grass in between the timber and some ad joining materials at the following stage.

And the next step is that controlling the weed layers. In this step try to apply the weed control textile membranes and after that cut those things according to the places where it is required. Then tack the things by using small 1 inch galvanized clout nails to timber edges.

And the final stage in this is laying the artificial grass where you are required. So, lay this grass in the pace where you need to install and this will be rolled over the floor juts like the carpets and this is not leveled in the basement. Installing the artificial grass would be very easy task, and installing this in your location may also provide huge advantages. So, try to use this technique and for this you need to choose the expert to install. In the above link you can get the experts, where they will be available in all location and they will come and install the artificial grass in your location where you needs.