If the locks on your doors or windows have become damaged, you’ll need a good locksmith to help you deal with them. There are many different ways that a lock can become damaged. Whatever has happened to your locks, a good locksmith can fix them. Locks are fairly simple in concept but they are complex in execution. They feature a series of pins inside of the locking mechanism that have to be lifted in a specific pattern to unlock the lock. The specific pattern is created by the bumps on the key.

Rusted Locks

If you have not used a lock in a long time or if it has gotten wet, it could have rusted. Rust causes metal to seize and refuse to move. Since the locks are made of many moving metal pins, the lock will stop working if they rust. You can attempt to lubricate the lock with a spray lubricant; however, if that does not work, you need to call a 24-hour emergency locksmith in Lewisham. Even if it does work, you need to call a professional who will help you prevent it from happening again.

Misaligned Locks

In some cases, the lock can actually become misaligned. The pins will move partially and allow the lock to twist somewhat as if the key is in it. However, since there is no key in it, it will be impossible for you to open and close the lock. In that case, you’ll need a locksmith to realign the lock. That’s a very common task for a locksmith.