Contrary to popular belief, trees are far more than just a collection of bark, leaves, and roots. These immense natural goliaths are multifaceted life forms that facilitate a healthy balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen in our environments, filter our subterranean water tables, and ensure that our soil doesn’t become overly acidic, among other things.

This is why we’ve created this educational write-up to help you truly appreciate the trees on your land and the integral role of your local arboreal services.

Interpreting Trees from a Property Owner’s Perspective

We tend to plant trees in order to provide some complexity and kerb appeal to our plots but it’s important to understand the obscure benefits of proper tree care:

  • Trees are often referred to as nature’s air conditioners because they can block the sun’s hot rays and they release upwards of 150 litres of water evaporation per day. This unique combination is equivalent to the cooling effect of a dozen window AC units operating for nearly an entire day.
  • Trees also shield your property from blistering winds during the wintertime and they serve as an effective noise barrier in louder neighbourhoods.
  • If you rely on a septic system to process your household wastewater, well-placed trees will reduce the presence of harmful bacteria and chemicals in your lawn, not to mention the fact that they’ll also reduce the spectre of pooling water.

When it comes time to maintain, preserve, and beautify your trees, you should contact a team of expert tree surgeons in BS9.

Cost-Effective Arboreal Assistance

Whether you wish to grind out stubborn stumps, improve the appearance of sickly-looking saplings, or dismantle an obstructive tree, your local tree specialists can provide an economical, individualised service at a moment’s notice so be sure to reach out to discuss your needs.