Homeowners should always be thinking about how they can increase the capital value of their home and reduce their day to day expenses. One of the most effective methods for achieving both of these objectives is selecting and installing appropriate window treatments.

Energy Efficiency Reaps Rewards

By selecting the right window treatments, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home.  Talking to suppliers of quality windows in Durham will help you identify what types of window treatments are best suited to your home in terms of style, whether it be:

  • Tilt and Turn
  • Sliding Sash
  • Box Sash
  • Georgian Bars
  • Mock Howner uPVC

Each style brings with it different levels of energy efficiency.  This means that according to the location of the window, you can potentially improve the home’s ability to keep cold air out in winter and cool air in during the summer.  Just a few simple adjustments in terms of glazing and sealing can have significant impacts on reducing the demand on your heating and cooling systems, and, naturally, this will minimise the cost of your utility bills.

Don’t Just Use Any Contractor – Check Testimonials

One way to verify the credentials of a window treatment professional, aside from viewing their license and insurance papers, is to ask for testimonials.  Check their website to see what other customers have said, ask for addresses so you can view their work, and, if possible, ask if you can call a previous customer so that you can talk about their experience.