There are few things more important than the safety and well-being of the people that live in your home or place of business. Your home or place of business represents a significant investment, after all, with hundreds of thousands of pounds’ worth of capital or more vested in its ultimate value. These are the places you spend the majority of your time. As such, having these places become overrun with an infestation can be an incredible nuisance, a detriment to your property’s value, or worse, an enormous safety hazard for you and your loved-ones or co-workers.

Should you find your property infested with something like asbestos, you are going to want the issue treated by a team that is competent, quick acting, and can restore your building to its proper cleanliness and value. In short, you are going to want to look into services from the most reputable providers of an asbestos survey in Northampton.

The Effects of Asbestos

Few infestations can cause a more pernicious problem to home and business owners alike than those that involve asbestos. Used as an insulation material decades ago, asbestos is now known today to be a dangerous and potentially deadly carcinogen which, when left to sit in an office building or home’s insulation system, can poison and pollute the walls, floors, and most worrisome of all, the air supply. Inhaling asbestos can lead to serious respiratory issues as well as other side effects stemming from poisoning. Also, if your home or place of business contains asbestos, it can drastically reduce its overall property value, representing a huge potential loss for you in a monetary sense. For more information on the affects of asbestos, take a look at the NHS website.

Rapid Response

As such, when you find your home or place of business has been infested with asbestos, you are going to want to make sure you get rid of it as soon as possible. You are probably not going to want to wait around or be told that you cannot get an appointment for weeks.

Asbestos Surveys and Reports

When you contact an asbestos survey team, they will conduct an extensive search of your premises. They will check a variety of areas, including:

  • Your roof
  • Your ceiling, attic, and any crawlspace
  • Your floorspace
  • Your walls
  • Any area that might have previously hosted insulation that used asbestos
  • Ventilation systems that can carry asbestos throughout your property’s air supply

Once they have surveyed the area and identified any asbestos infestations, they will submit a report to you, detailing the nature of the problem and their recommendations to remove it.

Removal Services

Once asbestos has been identified within your building, asbestos removal teams will sweep into action to remove it through a variety of means. Of course, you do not want asbestos removal to result in any structural damage to your home. That is why the best asbestos services work to remove asbestos from homes with sprays, stripping, and other removal strategies that minimise damage while working to clean your property’s air supply.

Safeguard your home or place of business with the best asbestos surveying and removal services today.