The former home of poet Dylan Thomas, Swansea is the second largest city in Wales after Cardiff. The coastal locale was once the key centre for the copper industry, which earned the city its nickname of Copperopolis. Today, the charming homes in Swansea figure prominently into the landscape of the area. That is why homeowners contact companies such as Andrew Colwill Garage Doors for secure-fitting garage door systems.

Roller Garage Door Systems

One of the popular garage doors in this southwest Welsh city are roller garage doors. Garage doors made in this style feature interlocking slats that can either be rolled up or down for easy access. No door runners are used in this design, which makes it possible for automobiles to park close to the garage door on short driveways.

Applications for Roller Garage Door Systems

According to technicians who work at companies such as Andrew Colwill Garage Doors, roller doors offer dependability and a high level of security. Roller shutter doors in Swansea are made using premium materials that can stand up to extremes in weather and abuse. Therefore, the doors are ideal for a broad range of applications and are used as access systems for domestic structures, commercial buildings, workshops, warehouses, and factories.

Easy on the Eyes

Shutter doors are also installed to reduce any visual impact on a property. The doors are housed in a condensed aluminium that is styled to complement a building’s architecture. The doors offer heat and sound insulation as well as privacy and shading.

Single-Skin Garage Door Styles

If you choose single-skin roller door designs, you will be receiving a high-quality upgrade. The doors are made from zinc that has been hot-dipped and galvanised steel. They are also finished on the weather side with a high-grade laminate wood finish or plastisol coating.

Laminated Wood Grains

Rosewood or golden oak are the types of laminated wood grains that are heat-shrunk to the steel roller door and are always an ideal accompaniment to windows or doors made of uPVC. Some of the colours that you can choose from include grey, olive, black, white, green, or dark red.

Insulated Roller Garage Door Designs

When roller doors are made with insulation, they are constructed from aluminium lathes that are filled with foam, which provides the ultimate in noise reduction and energy savings for a business or a home. A domestic insulated roller door is a good choice if your garage is used as a workshop or is located beneath a bedroom in your home.

Roller Shutters for Window Applications

Besides garage doors, roller shutters can also be installed on commercial and domestic windows. The shutters are enhanced with a 37 millimetre or 44 millimetre aluminium extruded lathe and are powder-coated in either standard brown or white. They can also be powder-coated in a colour of your preference. The shutters are primarily used over windows or doorways of houses, post offices, or surgeries, which are places where looks and security are a priority.

You will never regret making a decision for a roller garage door system or for a roller shutter for your windows or doors. Not only do roller garage doors and roller shutters enhance the looks of a property but they secure access better than any other garage door or shutter on the market today.