Competition is a fact of business; it is what ensures a business provides a fair service at a fair price.  A monopoly, where only one business supplies the entire market, allows the company to set prices, standards and even control the supply of a specific product.  Whilst this is excellent for the business in question, there is very little benefit to the customer.  

However, competition can serve a wide variety of purposes; generally in favour of the consumer.  This is true whether you are looking for a Regina plumbing firm or a Washington bag shop.  If you live in the Regina area then you will find it useful to contact Smile Heating & Cooling Inc; they offer a highly competitive service and illustrate perfectly how competition can be used to their advantage and yours:


The first thing you will notice regarding the Regina plumbing firms who embrace competition is that they look for new and attractive offers to attract the customers.  These offers may be something as simple as a service for free, or credit for introducing a friend.  It can even be the introduction of a protection plan to help customers afford the cost of plumbing repairs and maintenance throughout the year.  Every time a Regina plumbing firm makes an offer in order to attract business they are improving the service you get simply by remaining competitive.


It is inevitable that competition will help to keep prices down.  Either all the Regina plumbing firms agree to charge a set price per hour or they will compete with each other to offer the best possible price.  Whilst this may seem good for customers it can sometimes be detrimental.  A large, national or even international plumbing firm can afford to offer lower rates than the local Regina plumbing firms.  This may be because their overheads are much lower thanks to bulk purchasing, or it might be a deliberate attempt to put some Regina plumbing firms out of business.  It is, therefore, important to focus on what is a fair price for the plumbing service you need.  In this instance it is the customer’s responsibility to help the Regina plumbing businesses and keep a long term competitive advantage.


One of the biggest and best advantages competition brings to a Regina plumbing firm is the level of service provided.  No matter how good your firm is or how cheap you offer your service, there will always be people who are willing to pay a little more for good service.  This is where local Regina plumbing firms gain a huge advantage over the national firms.  A local firm has local knowledge and can use this to provide the best possible service to each neighbourhood; simply by catering for their specific needs.  Even if their price is a little higher they will gain the support and loyalty of a customer because they are seen to care; not just about the customer but also about the neighbourhoods.  This kind of service will beat price almost every time.

Competition is healthy and can be used to the advantage of a local Regina plumbing firm and the advantage of the customer; it is a win – win scenario.