Most people use keys for their homes and cars daily. There are times when the keys get misplaced or locked inside. Sometimes, a key can break off in the lock or the lock can malfunction, as well. Locksmiths are great at solving these issues. They travel to their customers, since lost keys often mean lack of transportation. They can usually get to you quickly after your call.


It is not easy to get locked out of most homes, since the door must be locked with a key from the outside. There are some doors on the home, however, that can be locked from the doorknob before you leave the home. These are often the back doors or doors leading to the garage. There are also times when a child may lock the door when a parent walks outside to get the mail or walk the dog.

  • Access your home quickly
  • Help comes to you
  • Pets and children remain safe


When you are in a hurry it can be easy to forget things. You may leave your keys, or your entire bag, in the car and lock it. Someone can easily break in and drive away with your car. You also need your keys to drive home and enter your home. A certified locksmith in Dorchester can help you gain entry quickly so that you can continue with your day.