Keys are an important part of our everyday lives.  Most people do not leave for the day without their keys. Things can happen throughout the day, however. Keys can get locked in cars or lost throughout the day. If you do not have access to your spare key or you need immediate access, a locksmith can help you solve the problem.


You may leave your keys in the car when you are in a rush to go into the store. It is common to set your keys down on the seat or dashboard while checking a phone message or gathering personal belongings. You may realise immediately what you have done or you may have no idea until you get done with a long day of errands. A trusted locksmith company in Lytham St. Annes can get you back into your car quickly. Locksmiths come to your location and can often be dispatched to you in less than an hour.


There are times when you may need a locksmith to provide rush service. Be sure to tell the representative when you call for the service. Some situations are considered emergencies. A child trapped in a car for instance, can be dangerous. If you lock yourself out of the house while the stove is on, you may also need quick access. Be sure to mention any safety issues.

  • Children alone in the car or house
  • House with stove or oven left on
  • Pets locked in the car

You may set your keys down in the car or lose them while out and about. At home, you may go out to your yard for a minute and accidentally lock yourself out. Call for immediate help, especially when children and pets are involved.