Electricity is vital for running your home, so it should not be wasted. There are lots of practical ways that you can save energy and reduce your household bills. None of these methods are particularly time-consuming or expensive, so you should consider each one.

Wash Clothes In Cold Water

Many people wash their clothes in hot water, which contributes to high energy bills and can be very wasteful. You should consider switching to a cold-water wash. There is no reason to think that your clothes will not be as clean if you wash at 15 degrees as opposed to 45. The dirt is extracted from your clothes easily at this temperature. High electricity prices from some companies mean that cold-water washing is best.

Then you will save money on your bills from washing and you will still have nice-smelling clothes at the end of every wash.

Don’t Leave Things On Standby

From hair straighteners to the television, we all use electrical appliances on a daily basis. Switching things off when we have finished using them is something that should be easy to remember, but lots of people leave their electrical appliances on standby. This wastes electricity and contributes unnecessarily to your electricity bill. Choose an electricity company with low electricity prices, so leaving things on standby won’t be so costly.

Set The Thermostat

Set the thermostat to a low temperature so that you still have heating but not on a setting which is too high. If you start to feel cold, put on more layers rather than turning up the thermostat. You will warm up naturally without having to spend extra money on electricity.

Close The Windows

Leaving the windows open can cause warmth from electrically-powered heaters to escape and will make your electricity bills much higher.

Put Insulation In The Roof

Insulating the roof properly is another way to make sure that heat from electrical appliances doesn’t escape unnecessarily. You can research several different insulation companies before making the final decision.

Fix Faulty Appliances

Faulty appliances can waste a lot of electricity, so you should always keep an eye on things like hair straighteners and irons to make sure that they are working properly. These appliances can be fixed if they have started to malfunction.

Fix Faulty Lights

You will be able to tell easily if lights have started to malfunction. They might not turn on or they may only stay on for a short while before shutting off again. These lights can be fixed so that they are working properly again.

Fix Faulty Wiring

Problems with the wiring in your house can also be quite easy to spot. If fuses are blowing on a regular basis or the lights are always flickering, then these are signs that the wiring should be fixed by a qualified professional.

Keeping on top of electricity bills can be a struggle sometimes, but following some simple steps will ensure that your bills start to fall rather than rise.