If you are thinking of installing a home security system to protect your family and your property, you will have many decisions to make. There are several options available in this regard that allow the security system to do more than just alert the company of a break-in at your house. Here are some of the options from which you can choose.

Types of Monitoring

When selecting a security company to install a burglar alarm in Hampshire, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is how to have your home monitored. Security systems can be monitored by connections which are based on the following technology:

  • Landline
  • Broadband
  • Cellular

Landline Monitoring

When security systems were first introduced, this was the only option for monitoring homes. This technology is now outdated because of advancements made over the last few years, but if you live in a rural area where there isn’t a close cell tower, then it is the best option. It is also the least expensive one if you live near cell towers.

Broadband Monitoring

Broadband monitoring involves using an internet connection to alert the security company of an emergency. It allows you to add some home automation options, but if the internet connection is down for some reason, so is the security system.

Cellular Monitoring

Some security companies only offer cellular monitoring because of its reliability. It is less susceptible to tampering and offers a faster connection than either landline or broadband monitoring. It is an easy system to install because it doesn’t require wires, so there is no need to drill into your walls.

Sensor Options

Most security systems have several options from which to choose when you select cellular monitoring. Sensors can be placed throughout your house to monitor activity at doors and windows, and can also sense danger from the following situations:

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Carbon monoxide

Some systems will also allow you to speak to a representative at the monitoring centre from the control panel from several feet away. You may also have the option wearing a personal security device, so if you fall or need medical assistance, you can contact the monitoring centre for help.

Integrated Cameras

A cellular monitoring system also gives you the option of having cameras monitor your property. Cameras can be placed in a certain area of your home in case of a break-in, so that the intruders’ images are captured.

Other systems allow for a hidden camera to show the image of anyone who is approaching or is at your door. The system also has two-way voice technology so you can tell the person at the door that you’re busy and cannot come answer them.

You can even opt for a smart system to help control your thermostat, door locks, and lights. If you leave and forget to turn off the lights or lock the front door, you can do so remotely with an electronic controller or your mobile device.

Modern security systems help keep you and your family safe, whether it’s from intruders, fire, or other dangers like carbon monoxide. When choosing a security system, you can select options that will fit your needs.