There are many homeowners who combine their hobby with improving the property, which offers several benefits, specifically, the low cost and the pride one must feel when one is surrounded by one’s own handiwork. It might be the challenge that motivates the DIY enthusiast, or he could be a perfectionist who wants to be sure of a quality job, but whatever his reasons, there are online solutions that can cover his every need.


Perhaps the most popular form of home improvement, there is something uniquely satisfying about working with wood, and if you happen to live in Essex, check out the timber specialists in Basildon, who stock a wide range of architrave, skirting and plasterboard, and with a selection of timber decking, you can source all your timber needs online.

Fixtures and Fittings

These are always a part of every project, and whether you are planning to build a one room extension or knock up a chest of drawers, fixtures and fittings are essential. All it takes is an online search, and once you have located a reputable supplier, you can browse at your leisure before placing your order.

Building Materials

If you are planning a major project, sand and cement would likely be needed, and there are online builder’s merchants who can deliver to your door. Alternatively, you might prefer ready mixed concrete, which can also be ordered online, and the great thing about ready mixed is you don’t have to break your back mixing, which is really a job for a young labourer.

Delivered to your Door

The great thing about online shopping is everything is delivered to your door, which is extremely handy when you are ordering heavy and bulky building materials, and it also saves you time and money, as you don’t need to visit the supplier. Browse at your leisure online and take as long as you like, and you never have to worry about opening times, as online suppliers never close.

Tools and Equipment

If you ever require a specialised tool or need to replenish your existing set, there are online suppliers of every type of tool you could imagine, whether power or hand. You might be doing something on the roof and need a scaffold tower or a good set of ladders, and with online suppliers, prices are usually a lot lower than traditional retail prices.

Project Tutorials

The Internet has a lot more to offer than just low retail prices, and any job you are not confident about, can be researched online, and with many YouTube tutorials on every aspect of home improvement, you can learn from the professionals, and it’s absolutely free. It is possible to build your own house using online help, with every aspect covered, and this enables the DIY enthusiast to steadily develop their skills.

The Internet is a lot more than a wealth of information, and with online suppliers all building materials, you won’t find lower prices anywhere else.