Australia has some of the most adverse weather conditions on the planet, from rainy, cold winters to scorching hot, humid summers, there is nothing quite like its unique variety. If you live in any city throughout Australia you’ll be familiar with exterior weather protection features such as motorised awnings, they are practical units for a wide variety of reasons.

  • Cost-effective

Recent studies carried out in Australia suggest that awnings can decrease heat gain by up to 65 percent when the sun’s rays shine directly onto your property, this number increases when installed in an area which doesn’t face directly into the sun. All this is interesting information, but what does it mean?

According to the Australian Department of Energy, awnings are one of the most effective energy efficient window treatment solutions on the market. They reduce heat gain by up to 75 percent on west-facing windows and a little lower on south-facing windows. This means that awnings, both motorised and manual, can reduce the internal temperature of your property by up to 15 percent, this is a substantial figure considering window awnings are a highly affordable, inexpensive product.

During those sweltering Australian summers, you can install awnings in Melbourne or any other city across the country to help reduce the amount of sun which penetrates your building. Motorised awnings allow you to retract and extend your unit with ease, so as the midday sun approaches you can expand your awning, so it covers your premises. A lot of homeowners have glass patio doors which generate a considerable amount of heat, installing an awning will cover these doors and help reduce the level of heat. If you want to drastically cut your energy bill, you should consider installing an awning, they’ll allow you to regulate heat in your property, so you don’t need to have the air conditioning unit on overdrive.

  • Increase the Value of Your Property

A retractable awning which has been installed by an expert installation company will add to the value of your home or commercial premises. If you already have a stunning patio or decking area on your property, an awning will simply add to this feature. It is an upgrade which allows individuals to sit and enjoy an area without having to worry about weather conditions. Take for instance a coffee shop, if you have a beautifully designed outdoor seating area without an awning to provide protection, you’ll struggle to rent or sell the property. Installing an awning ensures potential buyers or tenants will be more interested in the premises.

Awnings extend your living space, they also allow businesses such as coffee shops mentioned above, to operate without any interruptions, they won’t be affected by harsh weather conditions and staff can go about their daily routines.

There are various reasons to install an awning on your property, especially if you live in a country like Australia. They are perfect for protecting your home or business against harsh weather conditions and they add value. An awning is a sensible investment, it can be fitted to your building for an affordable price.