It’s a big commitment to make changes to your windows and doors, as it cost a lot of money and takes time to choose the right design. When finished, your home should show more character and elegance. Therefore, making the right choice for your doors and windows is essential.

Aluminium windows and doors in London are becoming a more popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings in London. To upgrade the levels of security, aesthetics, insulation in your home or office make aluminium your best option.

The aluminium windows and doors have come a long way since 70’s and 80’s. They have diversified with technology making them durable, light but still firm, easy to maintain, slender and streamlined aesthetics making them ideal for contemporary designs.

To help you make an informed choice while creating a real feature within your home check on more information here on aluminium windows and doors in London.

Slimline frames

 Since the aluminium is durable, it requires fewer frames to hold the glass. As a result, slimline structures that are sleek are used for overall aesthetic. The aluminium allows room for bigger windows and doors, maximizing the glass area that opens up for a beautiful outdoor view.

Durable, robust and easy to maintain

Aluminium has robust properties when exposed to elements. Aluminium does not easily rust, rot or bend. The aluminium doors and windows have a reasonable construction with the latest technology. The UV rays do not affect aluminium windows and doors. The maintenance is low requiring regular cleaning for it to look good as new. Aluminium is best suited for London weather.

Range of applications

Aluminium is useful for a variety of applications, this includes front doors, sliding doors and bi-folding, entrance doors, swing doors used for garage showroom application, room dividers in homes and offices and for large curtain walling structure.

Long-lasting with high-end finish

The high-end aluminium doors and windows have a sleek powder coat finish thus require no painting for the finish gives excellent longevity. The powder coating offers a better finish to eco-ratings.