There are many benefits as well as misconceptions surrounding the concept of Artificial Grass putting in lawns. Be it a country house or a town hose, surely everybody wants to keep their front or backyard lawns not just clean and tidy but attractive too.  Not just for residential purposes but, the fake grass options are also being rapidly used by the commercial estates in modern times. A normal traditional real grass lawn needs tremendous maintenance to keep it looking healthy and shiny. In today’s date most people do not have that much time and energy to invest after office hours to nurture the grass of their lawn. Moreover, it is impossible for natural grass to keep its health and green intact round the year; it is dependent on the changing seasons. However, with synthetic turfs things are different. The green color remains intact at all times making all the passing eyes turn to have a look.

It is time to clear all misconceptions and rumors about Artificial Grass.

  • They say synthetic turf is more like concrete. There are claims stating that turfs aren’t penetrable i.e. the rain waters run-off and often leads to flooding causing climate change. But, that is false for most of the synthetic turf options that are available these days. The rain water penetration capacity of an average artificial turf is around 75gallons/1 square yard on an hourly basis.
  • There are studies that might lead you to the conclusion that synthetic or artificial turfs as you call it cause cancer. The recycled rubber that is used by a few for the infill of installation may cause it. But irrespective of all studies that are not proven facts as yet, most landscapes do not take any risk and ensure both turf health and yours.
  • There is a rumor in the air about heavy lead contents in artificial turfs. However, not all is rumored without reason. There indeed are synthetic turf options that have high percentages of lead content; they are manufactured abroad. But, there are also manufacturers that make it a point to offer lead-less turfs to keep-safe the consumer’s well-being. So, research well before choosing the synthetic turf for your house lawn.

Maintaining Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass lawns require only minimum care so that it looks spec and spin as well as A-class throughout the year. But other than that it doesn’t need regular and recurring maintenance efforts or even money for the same. These synthetic turfs are really friendly and safe for the use in lawns. Your pets and children can have a fun time in a clean environment.

  • In case of cigarette burns do call in the service provider who installed the lawn and ask for repair options. But, the suggestion would be to keep of your investment while smoking.
  • Snow and ice will automatically melt eventually and most turfs have drainage facilities. So, there’s nothing to worry.
  • In case of stains, do not delay and address the matter on an immediate notice. It is always to remove and clean the spill while it is in liquid form. Keep all oily and greasy substances away from the investment as they can cause major harm.