Wood flooring has always been viewed as superior to its faux counterpart laminate and it’s rather easy to see why. Wood’s warm beauty brings a natural appeal to your home that is welcoming and timeless. Although laminate has grown in popularity over the years, wood’s historical preference has never wavered and there are countless reasons why it is favoured over laminate today.

So what are the major differences between laminate and wood flooring?


Wood’s tremendous variation and texture has attracted homeowners for centuries with its undeniable appeal. Wood is completely unique in nature, meaning that no two pieces of wood look exactly the same. This means that each and every floorboard is completely unique to you. Wooden Floor Specialists Limited can assist you with the integration of attractive wood variations and knots to ensure that your floor represents your originality in a subtle and beautiful way. Wood comes in a variety of species, colours, styles and finishes. The design possibilities are literally endless.

It’s more than its unmatched design and beauty that has always attracted homeowners. Wood is softer and more comfortable on the feet than laminate and many people are led to believe that it is not as strong. Although wood is known to show character over time, it has a natural durability. If well-maintained and treated, it can last a lifetime. In the event of heavy wear and tear, wood is rather affordable to replace if needed from time to time.


Laminate is typically viewed as second-class to wood. Although advancements in engineering and design have laminate looking a bit better than it did 10 years ago, there’s no getting past that it’s just not the real deal. Laminate is designed to look like wood floors but just as with most copies, you can see, feel, and tell quickly that it’s not.

It is true, however, that laminate has its place in the world. Laminate is much more affordable to install than wood but those savings come at a price. Laminate’s gridlock style of installation can become very costly for any needed repairs. Although it is more affordable initially, it can cost you more to maintain later on. Laminate is great for those looking for an upgrade at a fraction of the cost, those who may have more money for an upgrade later on, or those who just don’t have a preference for natural wood.

So Which Is Better?

Before you make a flooring decision, consider:

  • How much can you afford to spend on a new floor?
  • Are you investing in your home for the purpose of reselling it?
  • What kind of budget do you have for maintenance?

Whether your main goal is increasing the value of your home or just creating a more enjoyable place to live in, there are a wide variety of wood and laminate options perfect for your home improvement needs. Wood offers a beautifully natural and sought-after finish that lasts well beyond its years. Not only does it give you a beautiful place to enjoy time with your loved ones but wood also drastically increases your home’s value and will be sure to catch the eye of other potential homeowners.