Asphalt driveways are great! They’re relatively inexpensive, practical, and they look wonderful. They do, however, have three enemies.

  • Constant exposure to temperature extremes
  • Changes in humidity levels
  • Water drainage

These three enemies will eventually cause cracking in the asphalt. Sealing the driveway is an option, especially when the driveway is brand new. Eventually, though, overuse of sealer will begin to cause cracking on its own. Resurfacing is your next defence.

Resurfacing basically means that you’re building a new top level of the driveway. The results are never as good as a total replacement, and the causes of the initial cracks may reappear over time. Resurfacing, at a fraction of the cost of total replacement, is a very viable option.

Safety Issues

Try walking on an extensively broken and cracked driveway in dress shoes. It’s not safe! Driveways of the elderly or homes with small children find broken driveways to be a downright serious liability.

Paignton builders can help. They are experts at resurfacing cracked and broken driveways and restoring safety and beauty.

Lifetime Longevity and Cost Issues

Restoration works best if it is done as part of your maintenance plan for your driveway. Sealing a driveway only works for so long until the overuse of the sealer causes its own set of large cracks and problems. Restoration, completed at the early start of cracks and depressions, is more effective at extending the life of your driveway and saves money over time.