If your microwave is not running, it can be rather debilitating. After all, most of us rely on microwaves daily to obtain nourishment. However, buying a new microwave can also be costly. That is why it is often better to have a microwave repaired. If you choose a repair company that makes repairs, select a company that charges a per-hour rate. That way, you only need to pay for the time that it takes to perform the repair.

The Microwave Will Not Heat Food

One of the most common microwave repair issues has to do with the heat. If magnetron failure is the problem, the part will have to be replaced. The magnetron often burns out if the microwave is switched on whilst it is empty. Other causes behind a lack of heat include the following:

  • Defective diodes
  • A transformer failure
  • A defective door switch

Does Your Microwave Run and Stop?

Sometimes microwave ovens in Hertfordshire run and stop. When this happens, it often is due to a door switch that is faulty, a defective touchpad, or a defective fan motor.

The Microwave Buttons Do Not Work

If the microwave buttons do not work, it is because the control panel or touch pad may have been damaged. A defective control board leads to this issue as well.

The Plate Does Not Spin

Many times a consumer will complain that the microwave plate will not spin. This can be due to:

  • A burned out motor
  • A defect in the main control board

If the problem is not connected to the motor or control board, the control panel or touchpad may need repair.