Depending on the direction of your home, different rooms will get different amounts of light. East-facing rooms with windows will get the majority of light in the morning, whereas west-facing rooms will get more light as the sun sets. If you want to accentuate those qualities, especially during the summer, you should choose the colour of your rooms carefully. You should work with a professional painter to see what kind of options you have.

East-Facing Rooms

If you are trying to capture the light of an east-facing room, you need a colour that complements it. The light of the rising sun is fairly orange and warm, but once it clears the horizon it trends toward blue. To emphasize that, you should consider painting your east-facing rooms in a shade of light blue or white that will capture the light. Painters and decorators in FK2 can help you better emphasize the early light.

West-Facing Rooms

In a west-facing room, the light will trend more towards red. The setting light is closer to reddish-orange. To emphasize that, we should choose a neutral or warm colour for your room. The room does not have to be red or orange to capture the light of the setting sun and accentuate it. Instead, you could ask a professional to paint your room something off-white but a little warmer than a standard white, which will help capture the late evening light.

Accentuating the light in your rooms is great for waking up, getting to sleep, and also growing houseplants that need light.