When it comes to residential landscape lighting, there are too many wonderful ideas you can take to beautify your home and its surroundings. There are also hundreds of different kinds of lights you can use depending on what you want to emphasise. Many articles offer detailed information on where and when to use these lights. That is the first step to landscape lighting, choosing the types of bulbs to use. After having an idea which ones to use, you need to decide where you can put the lights. There are many spaces to brighten and beautify in your property, but you need to choose which ones you want to emphasise; other parts may receive lesser lights. It is not ideal to put too many lights as it will just make your home and yard unattractive. Furthermore, it is not practical at all as it will consume much electricity. Here are some ideas on where you may focus on your lightings.

Appealing Facade

Let’s talk about the house lighting first. If you are planning on lighting up the façade of your house, choose to focus the lights on its most attractive architectural elements. If your home has well-designed columns or window sills, aim the lights at them. The best type of view for this is bullet lights facing upward to illuminate the parts you want to highlight correctly.

Peaceful Patio

Now that was done on the exterior part of the house, let’s move on to your patio. If your patio or terrace receives enough illumination from the moon, then you are lucky. Most patios do not earn enough lighting and therefore enhancing the moon-like glow through residential landscape lighting will give the perfect glow to your patio every night. The best type of lighting here will be lunar downlights. Additionally, it is also ideal to add tree-mounted lights to set the peaceful and relaxing mood further.

Alluring Yard

The landscaping of the yard plays a vital role when choosing what type of lighting you want to install in that area. For this, you are free to set your atmosphere and to select your theme. Make it as attractive as you want it to look. You can make it posh, or you can make it casual and serene. There are many different types of lighting you can choose from depending on where you will place it in the yard and what object do you want it to focus. You can use well lights pointing upward to highlight the tree branches or you could also use tree-mounted downlights to emphasise the tree and surroundings.

Mesmerizing Garden

Your garden is the perfect place to be creative. You can plant any tree or flower you wish, and you can design it the way you want to. But when it comes to lighting, you need to choose as it sets the mood for the entire place. You can make it a themed-garden or a casual one. You can make it look lively or stylish and elegant. Just remember to design it for your happiness and not just because you want to please your guests.