You’ve made up your mind, might have quit your job and found a new one; you’re done with your rent and have found a new place. So the moving day is just around the corner! But moving can’t be done in a day. Or in two days. It takes more time and quite a lot of preparation. Here’s how to prepare for a moving day and how to do it the right way.

Make your moving checklist

Just like with any other job to do, you need a plan. When you’re moving, it’s called a moving checklist. Make sure to list all the things that need to do before you move and after you’ve just moved in. Start with decluttering your home and packing and end with cleaning and unpacking. Write in details, so that you don’t forget something and skip a step or two later on. This is why you’re making your moving checklist in the first place.

Moving somewhere that you believe is a better place for you should be enough to keep you going when it comes to some less exciting stuff as well. If you love beaches – Florida is a place for you. So make your moving checklist and go!

A moving checklist is a way to go. Title: Moving checklist. Alt: Moving checklist.

Take the opportunity to declutter your home

For some reason, many of us tend to keep things we no longer need. We do that thinking we would use them later on, but that day usually never comes. There are moments when we get aware that we have too many things in our house and these moments are usually those when we’re about to move.

Why do we realize that we have too many things around at that certain point?

Because all those things require our attention at that very moment. We need to focus on and deal with each of them and it takes time. Then we need to pay for their transportation as well. It’s no longer free to keep all that stuff around. So we finally get the urge to get rid of it.

And how do we do that?

There are four ways to deal with the things we no longer use or need:

  1. Sell
  2. Donate
  3. Pass on to a friend or a family member
  4. Toss out

Sell what you no longer need to make money for what you need now

We always need money and when we’re about to move, we need it even more. Go through your belongings and decide what things you will put on sale. You’re obviously not going to do it with the things you still need, but you shouldn’t do it with things that are hard to sell either. You don’t want to invest too much time and effort in all that, do you? So choose items that are easy to sell and decide if it’s going to be an online sale, an offline sale or both.

An online sale would probably be more convenient as you can put stuff online at your preferred time and just leave it there, but keep in mind you’ll still need to dispatch the items. If you decide to sell offline, then organize a garage sale and invite your neighbors over.

Help those in need, surprise a friend or toss out

Consider donating a portion of the stuff you no longer use, so that you help someone in need. Make sure to donate items that are not damaged and can still be properly used. There’s no point to donate something that no one could use at all.

When passing something on to a friend or a family member, aim for a surprise and a pleasant one. Pick an item they could really use or enjoy, not the one you want them to keep it for you.

Finally, just get rid of all the damaged and broken things once and for all. Have it done and toss them out before you move to your new home.

That’s the best way to prepare for a moving day.

The best way to prepare for a moving day is to declutter your home. Title: Declutter your home. Alt: Declutter your home to prepare for a moving day.

Pack like a pro

What’s the biggest secret of packing like a pro (when you’re not one)?

  1. Start as soon as possible

Since you’re not a packing professional, you might need to do some back and forth while packing. No worries about it, as long as you have enough time on your hands. Start as soon as possible and you’ll be able to correct any missteps along the way. Let’s say you discover you ran out of boxes. Not a big deal if that happens two weeks prior to moving, a bit harder if it’s two days before and dramatic if it’s just two hours!

  1. Get more boxes than you think you’ll need

For some reason, these are two things people underestimate the most: how much time and how many boxes it will take them to move. So you either need to start with more time or more boxes. Ideally both.

  1. Think again if you need professional help

Do you want to take some large pieces of furniture, garden furniture or even a piano with you? If so, it would be really beneficial to get some professional help. And even if you don’t have anything that’s too large, professional assistance could come in handy. Professional packers will pack your stuff in the most efficient way, which will lower your overall expenses in the end. It’s that simple: the less space your items take up on the moving truck, the less you pay.Consider this when thinking about tips on how to prepare for a moving day.

Consider hiring professional packers when you’re about to move. Title: Home. Alt: Home.

Hire professional movers

Even if you manage to pack your belongings by yourself, you’ll most likely still need professional assistance to move your items to your new home. Start searching for a reliable moving company as soon as possible, to avoid any unnecessary stress down the road.

Here’s a brief list of what to look for when you’re about to hire professional movers:

  1. Ask your friends and family members for recommendations. First-hand experience is always a great place to start.
  2. Check the reviews.
  3. Check the official moving associations.
  4. Ask for an in-home estimate and see how it goes (and what you get, of course).
  5. Ask questions. A lot of questions. If they get impatient and try to rush you in, just move on.
  6. Insist to have it all written down and never accept anything less.
  7. And if you still don’t know who to hire, we advise you to check out Moving Kings Van Lines FL. Opting for their services is a great idea, and by choosing them – you will move stress and hassle-free!

Once all of this is done, you’re ready to move!

Follow our tips on how to prepare for a moving day and that day will be a breeze.