While the maintenance of a garage door should be part of our daily routines, most of us tend to overlook this and only pay attention to our garage doors when there’s a major fault that’s costly to fix. Neglected garage doors are not only likely to malfunction but can also cause injuries in case of broken parts. Therefore, it’s very important to check on your garage door from time and maintain it properly so that it can last you for years.

So, how do you take care of your garage door? Well, you don’t need some sort of special expertise to keep your garage door in good shape. Simple procedures should get you there. Let’s look at some of the ways of ensuring your garage door is properly taken care of.

  • Lubricate The Moving Parts

Your garage door is made up of rollers and other moving parts which need to be lubricated from time to time for their proper functioning. Lubrication should be done at least twice a year by applying high-quality spray lubricants on the rollers and the hinges. However, if the rollers or the hinges appear stuck, you should first spray them with a penetrating solution before applying the grease. Moreover, the metallic parts of the garage door like the torsion springs should be wiped with a little grease to protect them from rust.

  • Check and Replace The Rollers

You should inspect the rollers at the edge of your garage door not less than two times a year. If you check and find chipped or cracked rollers, you should get them replaced immediately. Furthermore, you should replace all the rollers of your garage door after every 5 -7 years for them to work efficiently. To remove the rollers for replacement, you only need to remove the brackets holding them to the door and fix the new ones in the same position. However, for the bottom roller brackets, you should get an expert to remove them as they’re normally attached to the lift cables that are under high tension. The rollers can be purchased online just as you can buy nursery furniture packages online.

  • Tighten The Garage Door More Often

Since a garage door is subjected to up and down motions uncountable times a day, it’s expected to become loose with time. The motion and the vibration cause both the truck hardware and the garage door to become loose. A loose garage door is very risky as it can close unexpectedly leading to serious injuries. To ensure your garage door is firm, inspect the brackets holding the door tracks to the wall together with the fasteners holding the garage door opener unit to the framing and if you find loose bolts tighten them up.

  • Replace The Garage Door

If you realize that your garage door is broken beyond repair, you should plan on getting a replacement for it. Operating a faulty garage door is very risky as it can cause serious injuries. Therefore, get a new one in case your current garage door is completely worn out. You can get a new one at sectional garage doors Perth at a fair price.

If you want your garage door to last you for many years, you better take good care of it.