Windows are a great source of natural light and fresh air. It’s also a way for you to enjoy the beautiful view that is, if you’re lucky enough to have one and it also plays a crucial role as a part of your home decor. You can accentuate the interior design of your home by dressing up the windows with stylish furnishing. If your windows are dressed in the right fabrics, textures and colours, it can contribute significantly to the overall decoration of the house.

As a link between both the interior and exterior of your home, windows need to be furnished properly from a style perspective. So, here we are sharing some ideas to make your windows look rather appealing!


As they say ‘well begun is half done’ and furnishing a window with the right material is an important step.  For doing this effectively, you have several options like – windows made of vinyl or bamboo, sheers, blinds, fabric or leather, wood, metal and different kind of beads.


Many options are available for dressing up the window perfectlylike cotton, linen, silk, chenille, velvet, synthetic fabric etc. No doubt all these fabrics are really the best to use not just for comfort but also the style and decor. You can switch these up as per the ongoing seasons.

For example – for summer season, use cotton or linen as it comes in a variety of colour and prints and gives a soothing effect to the hot summer days. You can easily get an array of cotton or other fabrics in your nearby local shop. For winters, use velvet or dark coloured thick fabric as it will look classy and keep your home warm and cosy.

If you like transparency and brightness along with a glimpse of the weather outside, try synthetic silk. It is superior to all other fabrics inboth look and design, but these are too delicate. So for windows in the kitchen, synthetic silk won’t be a good choice as they tend to get dirty soon.


After furnishing and dressing, the next thing that is important in deciding the decor of a window is the curtains. A number of wonderful options are available to spruce up this area with beautiful curtains which can be draped, pleated, or layered. To hang the curtain, you can go for fabric loop on top, curtain rings or metal eyelets.

While illuminating the gap, the one thing to keep in mind all the time is that the curtain fabric, colour and design should match the space around it like the wall’s colour, size and the room design. The overall design and the outfit of the room should go with the window drapes.

Types of curtains

If you want more natural light without compromising on privacy, then opt for multi-layer curtain that has sheer fabric at the top and heavy fabric at the bottom.

You can also use a monochromatic dark colour curtains that are in contrast with the wall around it. For simple curtain fabric, try embroidery, patchwork or hand work at its bottom to make it look more interesting.

If your home has a deluxe vibe like a hotel room, then use single and vibrant coloured curtains like red, royal blue, golden etc.

If you want the space to look simple, classy and calm, then opt for white, off-white or beige coloured curtains.

Dressing up and furnishing a window depends on your choice and requirements. It might change dramatically if you decide to renovate your space or as per the season.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind before going ahead with your plan –

  • Select the furnishing for the drape after deciding the paint on your walls.
  • Curtain rod extending the width of the window is always good and looks pretty nice.
  • Make sure that you locate the rod close to the ceiling as much as possible and keep in mind that floor-length curtains always look good.
  • If you have a designer radiator positioned below the window, ensure that the long curtains are not covering the source of heat.
  • Try new designer fabrics but it should not be too heavy to block the natural sunlight and fresh air.
  • Never be afraid to experiment with the latest trend and decor.

We hope that you like the above mentioned ideas for furnishing and dressing up your window to perfection! Implement some of these and be blown away with the aesthetic appeal that it casts all around your home.