Winter is fast approaching and it brings chilly, freezing temperatures. As a home owner, water line damage as a result of the freezing temperature is not a pleasant experience. As a matter of fact, water line repair service is usually costly and expensive. When pipes get damaged they can result into spilling several gallons of water per hour, thus adding up to thousands of dollars damage to your home.

Just because you are living in a typically warm climate area doesn’t negate the fact that you can experience frozen pipe problems. A lengthy cold snap could create water line problems. To avoid frozen water lines, there are several things you can do. These include:

Increase heating

By turning up the heat in the home, you can prevent the pipes within the walls from freezing. Possibly, keep the temperatures to no lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep the cabinets opened

Make sure the cabinet doors underneath sink are open at all times especially during extreme cold weather conditions. This allows the warm air from your home circulate evenly. In addition, it reduces the occurrence of freezing water lines by keeping the house warm.

Unfortunately, water lines can still freeze irrespective of the preventive steps taken. Power outage or winter storm can result into loss of heating in the home. If the weather in your area is below freezing and no water comes out on turning on a faucet, then you are probably experiencing a frozen water line already. If your water lines are frozen but yet to rupture, then it is important to have it fixed immediately.  Consult a professional plumber to access the problem. First, the expert locates the freezing area of the line, before knowing the next line of action to take.

Plumbers run into myriad of plumbing issues while attempting a residential or commercial fix. In order to reduce the occurrence of these problems, it is essential to carry out simple plumbing maintenance tips; and one of such they shut off the water lines completely before carry out any repair work.

Plumbers are knowledgeable about all kinds of plumbing issues. They have the manpower and skills to fix the issue. Contacting a plumber to help fix your water line is a necessity. There are lots of plumbers plying their trades in your area. Hence, it is wise to do a little research to help find the one best suited for the job.

But how can you find the right one?  The best resource is the internet. Most plumbers now have great online presence. Surf the internet and visit their websites for information. Also, read reviews and customer testimonials. Another great option is asking friends and family for loved ones. Surely, they’ve worked with a good number of plumbers so giving you a good recommendation won’t be much of a problem. More importantly, make sure the plumbing company is accredited and fully insured.