If you order concrete for a project, you will have a couple of options for how you want it delivered. You’ll also have a couple of options for the type of concrete that you want. Concrete refers to any building material that is made from a mixture of cement, water, and aggregate. This means that asphalt is a form of concrete even though it’s not thought of that way. There are also different options for the strength of the concrete. Portland cement is the type of cement used in most concrete applications. This means that what you probably think of as concrete is Portland cement. It is used for everything from birdbaths to parking lots. It’s a very useful and versatile type of material. There is much that you can adjust about the concrete you choose. Peruse the regulations for the UK.

Choosing Concrete

When you pick concrete, you will have the option of how you want it delivered to your house. If you order ready-mix concrete in Birmingham, you can have it provided dry or in liquid form.

  • Concrete is made of cement, water, and aggregate. This means that it is manufactured dry first.
  • When it is produced, the concrete is designed with a set amount of cement and a set amount of aggregate.
  • Larger aggregate makes for looser concrete; this means that it will not have the same rating as a more dense concrete.
  • Every type of concrete is rated for the amount of time it will last and the amount of weight that it can bear.
  • When you order ready-mix concrete, you will have the option of choosing exactly what grade of concrete you want. Then you can have it delivered.

Having it Delivered

The primary benefit of buying your concrete ready mixed is that you can determine what grade of concrete you need. If you’re building a building, you’ll need a high grade of concrete for the foundation slab. If you’re making a birdbath, it won’t be as important to buy a high grade of concrete.

Once you have determined what grade of concrete you need, you need to decide how you want it delivered. The manufacturer of the concrete will mix it to your specifications while it is dry. Then they will ship it to you. They can send it in a mixing truck while it is still in liquid form. That will allow you to immediately get to work when they arrive. Alternately, it can be shipped dry and mixed on site.

If you’re only going to be using a small amount of concrete, it is probably best to choose to have it delivered dry. When you’re just using a small amount, having it delivered dry will save you time and money because you won’t have to pay for a mixing truck to mix only a small amount of liquid concrete. Also, it could be beneficial to have it delivered dry if you are going to work over the course of several days. However, if you buy liquid concrete, you’ll be able to get to work instantly.