Home salt lamps have been around for a long time, but they are becoming better known. Having made my first purchase in 2007 you could say I am on a salt rock lamp tangent. Natural salt crystal lamps emit negative ions which are believed to help a person with their overall well-being by  assisting in mood elevation and overall peaceful feelings.

We heard from a person who worked in a very stressful environment, and bought a Himalayan salt lamp for his office to alleviate stress, and it seemed to help. A large number of visitors to his office said it was so relaxing and they felt peaceful in there.  If you really want to improve the atmosphere in your office, you should also not use fluorescent lights, but at least the negative ions emitted by the salt crystals will help overcome all of the effects of the electromagnetic waves coming from the computer, etc.

But there are electromagnetic waves in other places besides your office, so it is recommended to have several of these salt lamps. Get one for your bedroom, another for near the television and don’t forget to put one where your home computer resides.

These lamps also make thoughtful gifts. Most of the lamps you purchase come with a written explanation about the benefits of salt rock lamps. This is a good thing to have for when you feel the need to explain to people what the lamp is all about, how it works, etc.

These lamps glow with a beautiful soft light and makes for a pleasant, calming night light as well. Pets love them and gravitate to where the lamps are. Our friend had a budgie and kept a lamp near his cage. He was the happiest bird and was so full of vitality and personality. Also, their dog and cat, if you can believe it, very often take their naps in places close to the salt lamps.

I am convinced that these Himalayan salt lamps work. I am very sure you will be pleased with your purchase.