The truth is, most of us can’t fit a lot of people in our kitchen, especially when you have a galley layout.

So for those of you that are stuck in your galley kitchen the way it is, it’s probably time to embrace the space and learn to love it wholeheartedly. But then again, you can always change up some little things to make the most out of it. Have a look at these easy design tips to maximize the potential of your galley kitchen!

Switch It Up

Instead of opting for cream-coloured cabinets and white backsplash, why not consider mounting glossy white cabinets and cream backsplash? Your galley kitchen will look modern and feel unique which will flow with the rest of your home scheme.

Look Down Below

Do you want to incorporate some colour into your kitchen without replacing your current backsplash or cabinets? Revamping the floors is the solution for that. Paint over your old linoleum floor with a smooth shade that will make working in your kitchen much more enjoyable.

Light Up Your Space

Adding some light into your kitchen will make it seem like there’s a lot more space than it actually has. Just replace or re-paint your current kitchen cabinets with a lighter colour that will help reflect any light around the room.

Make Room for a Rug

It is somewhat surprising how merely placing a rug to a room can make such a big difference, don’t you think? Simply choose a long rug with bright patterns and lots of vibrant colours to give your galley kitchen an instant upgrade. You can even hunt these gems at your local thrift shops!

Opt For Glass

There are just specific walls in your home that are necessary for support. If your kitchen wall is one of them, consider replacing the drywall with high-quality glass to bring in more light into your kitchen without sacrificing any crucial walls in your house. This idea will also transform any dull and boring kitchen space into looking like a luxury kitchen!

In the end, we all just want to have luxury kitchens. So be sure to integrate your own personal style into the room!

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